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Josh Ali: Kentucky needed win over Vanderbilt “very bad”

Josh Ali (Vicky Graff Photo)

Here is what Kentucky receiver Josh Ali, who had a touchdown catch, had to say after UK’s win at Vanderbilt Saturday that evened UK’s record at 5-5

Q. Coach said it was a complete game, you guys played a complete game. Can you talk about that?
JOSH ALI: Yeah, as a team as a whole we came out here ready to play. Everybody knew their assignments and there was no skipping any beats. Even when they went up in the first quarter we didn’t rush or anything we just played our game.

Q. How badly did y’all need a game like this?
JOSH ALI: Very bad. Just a game, I think this, just a game to go to a bowl game, so we’re happy about that. So just to get our team back together we needed that one.

Q. How good was it to be able to put together a two-minute drive, I know the offense has been leaning on the run heavily but how nice was it to be able to get the tempo run?
JOSH ALI: It was great. Running backs was doing well, opening it up for the receivers a little bit. We made plays and they made the throws and we made our place and it was good.

Q. What was going through your mind when the ball was hanging in the air?
JOSH ALI: On the touchdown? Oh, I just got to catch it. I’m already in the end zone I just got to catch it.

Q. Is there anything that kind of like freaks you out a little bit, I know a lot of fans were holding their breath?
JOSH ALI: Yeah, yeah, when I saw a tip, I mean I kind of thought that it was going to go over his head but when it was tipped I just knew you I had to grab it like there was no other option in my head but to grab the ball.

Q. Did y’all do anything differently when y’all were in that two minute offense than kind of the normal passing down situation?
JOSH ALI: We did basic stuff, we ran basic things hitches and corner routes and basic things and it worked out.

Q. How does how nice was it to be able to get back in the end zone?
JOSH ALI: It felt great. It makes me want to go out every weekend and score a touchdown. It just feels great putting points for the team, we’re winning right now and well we won tonight so it feels good.

Q. How good was it just to get kind of like the win in the fashion that you did. A blow out victory from basically three and a half quarters there?
JOSH ALI: It was great. It’s something that we really needed and everybody did their part, everybody did their job, everybody played fast and physical and it was great team win.

Q. How are you going to sort of ride this now into the final two games of the year?
JOSH ALI: We’re not stop being we got to go hard every day, in practice we got to know, no hiccups no nothing, we got to go hard every day. For the next three, four weeks.

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  1. Nice win against Vandy. No complaints from me today. Now go get bowl eligible Cats. I say UK should be at 7-3 right now. The Florida and Tennessee loses were hard to swallow. Still are.

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