Mark Stoops would “welcome” Kash Daniel working or doing something at UK in the future

Kash Daniel (Jeff Houchin Photo)


What kind of future does linebacker Kash Daniel have in football after his senior season ends with Kentucky playing in a fourth straight bowl game?

Kentucky coach Mark Stoops said Monday that’s will be up to Daniel.

“I know it’s hard to make those decisions right now as you go through a long and stressful season and as you’re beat up mentally and physically. I mentioned how difficult it is. I don’t want him to make any of those decisions right now until he has time after this week to heal up a little bit, rest up,” Stoops said.

“It’s hard for him. He plays so hard that his body feels like it may be time to move on to something different, but that’s his decision, and when and where and how he wants to make it, that’ll be up to him.

“As far as working here or doing something with me, you never know. Certainly, you love a guy like that and everything he’s done for our program. I would welcome that as well.”

Kentucky could certainly use a vintage Daniel to try and slow down Louisville’s high scoring offense Saturday at Kroger Field.

Stoops said Monday that Daniel was “good” going into the game despite being limited in some recent games by nagging injuries.

“Kash is one of those guys, he leaves everything out there. He practices so hard. He plays so hard. He has some frustrations at times because he’s getting beat up at times. He’s one of those guys, there’s no question each year, last year he had surgeries and had to take care of his body in the off-season. It took him a long time to get healthy,” Stoops said.

“This year, as the year goes on, same thing. He has some ups and some downs, gives it everything he’s got, and I’m really proud of Kash and what he’s done overcoming some adversity and things that maybe not everybody knows about.

‘Each individual is different and goes through some ups and downs and goes through lot of trials and tribulations and things going on in their personal life and their own life and in their families that are just very hard. But the young man gives us everything he’s got all of the time.

“We love him. He’s a great teammate. He’s ready to go. He’ll be back out there ready to go this week. So, proud of him and the things he’s had to overcome.”


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