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Maybe not making this ESPN list is sign of respect for Kentucky football

Maybe offensive coordinator Eddie Gran and UK football are starting to get more respect nationally. (Vicky Graff Photo)

By KEITH PEEL, Contributing Writer

ESPN came out with an article entitled “CFB150 All-Time Bottom 10” recently to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of College Football. The article, written somewhat tongue-in-cheek by ESPN Senior Writer Ryan McGee, seemed more like slam of college football than a celebration but that would be an opinion more suited for another article because the point of this article is to talk about what was not in the ESPN article.

What was in the article was a list of what ESPN had chosen as the 10 all-time worst college football teams over the last 150 years. The article mentioned teams like the 1991 Prairie View A&M team that finished 0-11 as the No. 1 Bottom 10 team of all time. They also selected the Northwestern Wildcats team of 1981 that finished 0-11 as their No. 2 all time Bottom 10 team.

The list goes on to include teams from Columbia, Kansas State, Virginia, Alabama, Wyoming and University of Central Florida among others in their Bottom 10. It also has an honorable mention group that includes Colorado State, Auburn, Florida and Duke along with several other lesser known schools.

But the one program that is conspicuous by its absence is the Kentucky Wildcats. It seems that the Jerry Claiborne-led 1982 0-10-1 team might have qualified. Or more certainly the Bill Curry coached 1994 Wildcats that finished 1-10. That team beat U of L in the season opener 20-14 but went on to lose 10 games in a row including blowout losses to Florida 73-7, Indiana 59-29, Mississippi State 47-7 and Tennessee 52-0. They were outscored by their opponents 405 to 149.

Some honorable mention teams that might have qualified would be the Joker Phillips-led team from 2012 that went 2-10 and suffered blowout losses to Arkansas 49-7, Florida 38-0, South Carolina 38-17 and Vanderbilt 40-0 and possibly Mark Stoop’s inaugural 2013 team that also finished 2-10.

But anyway you slice it, not making this list is a great accomplishment for the Kentucky Football program. It shows that maybe, just maybe, as Mark Stoops continues to build his football program, recruit top notch players and win games in the SEC the old memories of what Kentucky Football used to be are starting to fade.

So as the ghosts of Commonwealth Stadium and Stoll Field begin to take up residence at other football programs it’s nice to see that for once UK Football was not recognized by a national media outlet and UK Fans everywhere can be proud of that accomplishment. After all, it’s the little things in life that seem to bring the most satisfaction.

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