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Miscommunication or missed assignments? Stoops makes it clear communication was not UK defense’s problem

Mark Stoops (Vicky Graff Photo)


After Kentucky lost to Tennessee when the Vols rallied through the air to score two second half touchdowns and win 17-13 Saturday, UK safety Jordan Griffin talked about several miscommunications the UK defense had that must be corrected.

Kentucky coach Mark Stoops said he could not “really explain which one” Griffin was talking about.

“There were some communication things that we were on his butt about during the game but not on the 50-50 balls. And the 50-50 balls, he knew what was coming, he was lined up perfect, played it exceptionally well,” Stoops said.

“He actually backed up, played outside, he knew exactly what play was coming. He was perfect in his thought and Coach Clink (Steve Clinkscale) had him ready for it. It was perfect, he just missed the play.”

Ouch. That’s not miscommunication. That’s missed assignments.

“And the one on (Brandin) Echols, I have to tip my cap to them. That throw and catch, the one that they initially ruled out (of bounds), but then came in, that was a hard play to defend right there,” Stoops said. “Where that ball was thrown and the way he came in with that, was an extremely nice play.  That’s two off the top of my head I was thinking of. ”

Wait. There’s another one.

“And then Jamari (Brown), I felt like he needs to be more confident.  We need to work on him.  There was a couple he had, we need to contest those further coming down,” Stoops said. “So, there’s zero communication on that.

“It’s a matter of playing the ball and playing it to the ground. That’s four that there was zero communication errors.  But, he might have been thinking about other things he was thinking about during the game.”

So my guess is that communication errors were not what Stoops thinks led to Tennessee’s offensive success the second half.

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