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Need UK basketball injury update? Trying asking Siri

Immanuel Quickley (Jeff Houchin Photo)


Is Siri the only one who knows when EJ Montgomery, Immanuel Quickley and Dontaie Allen might be healthy enough to play for Kentucky?

Well, maybe.

Kentucky assistant coach Joel Justus did the normal pre-game media session today for Friday night’s match with St. Mary’s.

Montgomery, a sophomore preseason all-SEC pick, has missed the last three games with an ankle injury suffered in the first game.  Justus said trainer Geoff Stanton “does a good job with our guys” trying to get them back healthy.

“Our habits that our guys develop here both on the court and off of the court is something that we’re proud of, and I think that when you see guys who do get injured, they carry the same kind of grit and determination into the training room. That’s always a positive thing. For us, we’re excited to get guys back sooner or later,” Justus said.

Sooner or later? What does that mean? Apparently Siri didn’t get it either because the app on Justus’ cell phone responded it did not understand.

So when will Montgomery and Quickley, who missed the last game, play again?

“You want to ask Siri?” Justus joked. “She might know better than I will. I don’t know.”

Allen has yet to play this season after injuring his knee in December of his senior season in 2018. Justus said he’s “progressing in a good way” to this point and his mother recently posted on social media that he was being cleared to do more and more.

“He’s a guy that’s come with a plan and I think we’re working with that. He’s going to add a little bit more to practice each and every week,” Justus said.

Any timetable for Allen?

“You can ask Siri that question too, probably.”


  1. Whatever will be, will be.
    I hope we get to see Dontaie on the court before January…
    Same goes for EJ.

  2. Think EJ may be fine with the pine.

  3. I hope that pine will wake him up

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