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Not only does John Young remain committed to UK, but he says Justin Rogers is the same way

Justin Rogers


Louisville Christian Academy offensive lineman John Young is one of those 2020 commits who has never budged in his commitment to UK and won’t now because he’s convinced coach Mark Stoops will be at UK when he gets there despite the recent speculation about Stoops maybe going to Florida State.

“I wasn’t worried at all. I was on the phone with coach Stoops and he did tell me he was not leaving,” Young said . “I committed to Kentucky and things are just like they were. I was not worried when I first heard the rumors and I’m not worried now.

“I know no matter what I am committed to Kentucky. I trust coach Stoops and what he tells me I believe. I think he stays at Kentucky and will be my coach at Kentucky.”

Young did say he had talked with other 2020 commits about the Florida State speculation.

“But once we heard from Stoops himself (that he was not leaving UK) it eased everyone’s mind,” Young said.

That seems to be the case, too, with Michigan lineman Justin Rogers, the highest rated commit in UK’s 2020 class. Many thought he might flip after he early commitment to UK but Young said Rogers is “as solid as he can be” with Kentucky. He likely will play defense at Kentucky but could also play offense.

“He is 100 percent committed,” Young said. “He’s a monster, too. He’s a different type of animal on the football field. Off the field he is a funny guy. He likes to joke around but on the field, he gets serious and the lights come on like he is flipping a switch and turning mean on the field.”


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  1. I don’t see Stoops headed to FSU, never have despite the rumors. He is very fortunate to have the Kentucky job if you ask me., Hope these recruits stay with Kentucky.

  2. Florida State is not going to talk to Stoops. They are looking for a winner.

  3. I think Stoops has coached himself out of serious consideration at FSU. Wish we had the money to bring Bob in as HC and relegate Mark to DC/Recruiting Coordinator. Wish list also includes Gran seeking employment elsewhere.

  4. I m a Stoop fan just leave the guy alone he has brought this program where it is no since bashing him. I really think has Stoops done the play calling in certain scenario some of our losses whole have aW

  5. I agree Cats 79!!! I get really tired of the negative post all the time. Some people just are never happy campers no matter what!!!!

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