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Tyrese Maxey says Cats can’t “dwell” on Evansville loss

Tyrese Maxey (Jeff Houchin Photo)


Give freshman Tyrese Maxey credit for quickly agreeing with what coach John Calipari said was a huge problem in Kentucky’s stunning loss to Evansville — a lack of toughness that showed up in a lack of aggressiveness and giving up two late offensive rebounds in the 67-64 loss.

“Yeah he’s right. We have to get those rebounds down the stretch, I have to make those free throws,” Maxey said. “Like he said, we just have to be tougher defensively, stand in front of our man, and not leave the corners. We have to get rebounds, we have to stay aggressive. It’s a tough one but we will bounce back.”

Maybe. But the talk is a lot easier to do than the tough play itself even though Maxey has never been one to back down and I don’t see him ever doing that.

Evansville certainly didn’t back off against the nation’s No. 1 team playing at home.

“They just came downhill at us, and like Coach Cal said we weren’t tough enough to stand in front of our man and get tough rebounds late in the game,” Maxey said.

The freshman, the star in UK’s opening game win over Michigan State, says UK will remember the loss but has to put the game in the past while getting back to work.

“We can’t dwell on it, and we can’t let it be the reason, can’t let it be our season, we have a lot of games ahead and am looking forward to our game next Monday (against Utah Valley State),” Maxey said. “I mean losing period is disappointing, whether you were ranked number one or not ranked. We all hate to lose, I know that for a fact .”


  1. Lack of toughness only addresses part of the problem. Sestina and Richards got pushed around alright, but Sestina could not guard anyone out on the floor or under the basket. The guards either can’t or most likely won’t make a post pass….they are too focused on shooting it themselves. Of course that means Nick is going to be a non factor. Our offense was pathetic. Over 80% of our passes occur around the top of the key where it leads to nothing but one on one play. There appears to be friction between Hagans, Quickley, and Maxey. All 3 of them struggled against the Aces and it just looked like they weren’t talking to each other. Whitney can’t make a free throw yet that doesn’t stop him from jacking it up from the 3 point line. Brooks seems to be playing tight, hopefully that will ease up with more play. Juzang hardly gets on the floor at all…he is supposed to be a shooter. This team looks like a ship without a rudder or a sail. The next 4 games should be cake walks, but the Aces picked to finish 8th in their conference should have been a win too. The 5 games after that will show us what we have with this team and this coach. God help them.

  2. Just three games in and you want rant your two cents worth in all negative way. This team will prove you wrong Catmandoo you rant too much.

  3. The only good thing about this season will be the end when you leave the site.

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