What did John Calipari really like about Sunday? Simple, his son had 16 points in Detroit Mercy win

John Calipari had a few stressful moments in Sunday’s 81-56 win but he was more excited that his son got 16 points in his team’s win. (Vicky Graff Photo)


Ask John Calipari a question and you never know exactly what kind of answer you might get. That’s exactly what happened after Kentucky’s 81-56 victory over Lamar Sunday night.

The Kentucky coach was asked about having players who might be thinking too much instead of just relying on their instincts and playing.

“Here’s what I liked today. The best thing that happened today. Brad had 16 (points),” Calipari said.

Brad? Oh yeah, Brad Calipari, the UK coach’s son who transferred from UK to Detroit Mercy this season.

“But here’s what happened on the 16 he had. He missed two shots, okay? And you know my biggest thing is, I want to see when you miss shots if you can follow it up with a make, because that means you got some mental toughness,” the UK coach said.

“He missed two and then he banged the dagger (3-point shot in his team’s win). And believe me, he texted me and says, you know, ‘I missed two before I made that dagger.’ He knows, that’s the kind of stuff, that’s mental toughness.

“He had four rebounds too. He played pretty good defense, too, by the way.”

Just in case you were wondering.

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