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Believe it or not, Virginia Tech players taunt, insult Lynn Bowden and other Cats

Lynn Bowden (Vicky Graff Photo)


When there was a chance that Kentucky might be matched against Indiana in the Taxslayer Gator Bowl several sources told me that both UK and Indiana officials indicated players would not participate in pre-bowl activities involving the other team to avoid potential issues.

Seldom does any bowl game create a lot of animosity or hostility before the game, but sometimes it does happen.

And it has this week in Charlotte where Kentucky plays Virginia Tech Tuesday at noon in the Belk Bowl.

The Athletic’s Kyle Tucker was the first I saw reports that Virginia Tech players shouted “profane insults” at Kentucky players at the NASCAR Hall of Fame on Sunday night. A video posted on Twitter by a Tech player included some nasty language that Virginia Tech coaches have to be ashamed of.

From what the video showed, the UK players did not respond to the taunts — or at least not to the point the teams got into a brawl as the words could easily have instigated.

Kentucky quarterback Lynn Bowden would not even talk about Virginia Tech at Monday’s Media Day and it looked like he was the player Tech players were trying to insult/intimidate.

Based on what Bowden did the last seven games, I have to question the intelligence/emotion of any opposing player that would try to give Bowden and UK more emotion for the game.

Just keep all this in mind going into the game because the guess here is that any kind of questionable hit on Bowden, especially early in the game, could set off some fireworks unless the Cats have great, great discipline.


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  1. You know the Tech coaches have to be more than a little upset. This is no way to represent your University much less adding more motivation to the opposing team. Hopefully we’ll see some good hard-nosed football tomorrow with the histrionics.

    1. I agree William

  2. This is continuing at the players prepare for the game. What is VaTech up to, what is their motive for this.

    At first, I agreed with others that the VaTech coaches could not be pleased by this behavior but now I am thinking that this is sanctioned by their coaches in an effort to rattle Bowden or even get him disqualified from the game.

  3. OOPS !!!

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