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Can Cats add new wrinkles for Lynn Bowden in Belk Bowl?

Lynn Bowden (Vicky Graff Photo)


While Virginia Tech has had about a month to prepare ways to try and stop Kentucky’s potent running attack led by Lynn Bowden, the flip side is that UK offensive coordinator Eddie Gran has had the same amount of time to add some new wrinkles for the Cats going into Tuesday’s Belk Bowl in Charlotte, N.C.

Bowden has almost been unstoppable running the seven games he has started for Kentucky since taking over at quarterback at midseason and leading UK to a 5-2 finish and rushing for over 1,200 yards.

Much of Bowden’s success has been based on his extraordinary talent. Part has been the superb play of UK’s offensive line. Another part is the creativity Gran has shown with his play calling.

So can Kentucky really do more to make the running game even better?

“When you have somebody like Lynn, as talented as he is, you can be very creative with the way you dress things up in the way you present things even out of formations and motions and plays,” Kentucky coach Mark Stoops said.

Virginia Tech is a slight favorite in Tuesday’s game, so additional offense certainly would help UK’s chances.

“It comes down to the basics, each game comes down to being physical blocking, making people miss, playing physical and on the other side just the opposite just being physical up front with great position on the football, making good tackles, making competitive plays, Stoops said.

“That’s ultimately what it is going to come down to.”



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  1. I would say Gran has a few tricks. That said, the thing UK must do is just dominate the LOS all day on both sides of the ball. Lynn will do the rest when his number is called. VT is favored, what’s new? Maybe it will pour down rain, if so look out Tech.

  2. I wonder, how many times the Cats have been the undercat and won?
    (sorry couldn’t resist.,I’ll see myself out)

    1. Well, in the past not enough, but times they are a changing under this UK staff.

    2. I think Stoops sets the line because being underdogs — or undercats — has worked well for UK last two years

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