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Cardinals admit they could not handle UK’s offensive line

Quarterback Lynn Bowden (1) with UK offensive line coach John Schlarman and his linemen after UK’s record-setting rushing performance against Louisville. (UK Athletics Photo)


Not only did Kentucky rush for a school record 517 yards against Louisville Saturday, but receiver turned quarterback Lynn Bowden had 284 of those yards — 11th most in any Southeastern Conference game and most ever by a quarterback. It was also the third most rushing yards by any player in the nation this season.

Bowden averaged 12.9 yards per rush, third highest in SEC history with any player that had 20 or more attempts.

Kentucky had six rushing touchdowns and the 517 rushing yards were the most this season for a FBS team against another FBS team and its 12.9 yards per rush were the most ever for a SEC team in a single game.

Give Louisville defensive lineman G.G. Robinson credit for making no excuses and admitting UK’s offensive line was just too good for Louisville, which did not have a defensive lineman that weighed 300 pounds or more like every SEC team does.


“They’re up there with some of the best lines we’ve seen this season. There were way more missed tackles than missed assignments. They took the D-Line out of the game,” Robinson said.

“The way they blocked, the three interior D-Linemen really couldn’t make any of the plays. I’ll have to watch the film, but I definitely know it was way more missed tackles. If you want to win a game, you can’t have that many missed tackles.”

Louisville missed a ton of tackles but maybe also credit Lynn Bowden, Chris Rodriguez and A.J. Rose for that along with the beating the UK offensive line put on the Cardinals.

Louisville linebacker Dorian Ethridge was also a fan of the UK offensive line.

“You’ve just got to give credit to them. They have a really good running game, they blocked extremely well, we just didn’t tackle well as a defense and that cost us,” Ethridge said. “Their blocking scheme was really well, and they run block really good, so it was just tough. They switched up a couple things on their blocking schemes, but we prepared for it well but it was just up to us, not making are tackles and executing.”

What about Bowden?

“He’s extremely slippery. He’s just one of those guys that you’ve got to wrap up, run your feet and get down and we didn’t do too good of a job of that today,” the Louisville linebacker said.

Louisville coach Scott Satterfield UK’s offensive and defensive lines both wore down his team.

“I think they kind of dominated the line of scrimmage in the second half and I think that was obviously the difference in the game,” Satterfield said. “We knew they were gonna run the football, but it’s still hard to stop. Defensively, we’ve struggled quite honestly. We all know that. We had guys there tonight, several times, and just could not get them down, broke tackles, and then he’s gonna score, you know, because there’s nothing else there.

“You’re trying to put everybody in that box to stop the run, and once they clear that five- to six-yard area, there’s not anybody else there, and if you don’t make the tackle, it’s gonna be a touchdown. That’s why they had so many big plays.”



  1. That was an awesome victory for UK.
    The offensive line provided incredible blocking for Bowden and company.
    The defense should not be forgotten as they performed well also.
    I’m especially impressed with the improvement of the secondary.
    It was a victory for the history books.
    GO BIG BLUE !!!

  2. It feels every bit as good this a.m. as it did after the game. This was a game we will never want to forget. If it wasn’t for a couple of brain cramps, we could have laid 60 pts on these dirty birds. Looking forward to some positive recruiting benefits in near term.

  3. Coach Schlarman is leading by example by forging on and coaching his linemen despite having treatment for cancer. I believe his linemen are inspired by his courage. Correct me if I’m wrong

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