Did Chris Mack take jab at John Calipari’s coaching, offense?

Ashton Hagans (John Crisologo Photo)


When I heard the comment, I really didn’t think anything about it after Kentucky’s 78-70 overtime win over Louisville Saturday.

But in the last two days I had a lot of friends/UK fans tell me they thought Louisville coach Chris Mack took a shot at Kentucky coach John Calipari when asked about how well UK executed offensively late in the game.

“I want to say this in a respectful way, they don’t run a whole lot. They just put what they perceived to be our weaker defenders in runner action and have the two big guys setting pin downs and just try to run of those screens, gain an angle or gain an advantage,” Mack said.

That’s why John Calipari’s team do. They find advantages and have individual players expose an opponent’s weaknesses. I think Calipari has called it “random” basketball recently rather than running set plays.

“I thought they shot the ball better than they have all year, but I thought some of their looks were created because of their quickness and their ability to use those screens effectively,” Mack said.

Certainly cannot disagree with that.

“Give them credit. The cross screen for Nick Richards in overtime hurt. That was a little counter they run to that baseline runner that we defended pretty well up until that point,” Mack said.

“The two or three other times they ran it we got our wires crossed, or we didn’t recognize it quick enough, and he put the ball in the basket.”

To me, it sounded like an honest assessment of what happened by Mack and not a shot at a team that just beat his team.

Maybe I’m wrong. If so, let me know why you think that.

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