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For the sake of Boyle County and Johnson Central players, here’s hoping all talk Saturday is about what happens on the field


When unbeaten Boyle County and Johnson Central play in the Class AAAA state championship game Saturday afternoon in Lexington it would be nice to think the attention can stay on what just happens in the football game.

No, I am not downplaying or excusing what Boyle Middle School principal Steve Karsner said during a pep rally Thursday where he managed to insult most of eastern Kentucky with comments about Johnson County residents not being able to count to 100 and living in hollers.

Boyle Supt. Mike LaFavers apologized for what was said … and should have … on behalf of the school system.

Just don’t let this take away from the players on two special teams competing today. Focus on the game and the state title.

A parent of one Boyle player who is from eastern Kentucky said he felt the comments were made in “jest” but understood why eastern Kentucky residents were upset because he “grew up poor in a holler” too.

“I just feel bad for the kids,” the Boyle parent said. “But the real bad part about all of this ugly press is that the kids are innocent. And everything both teams have accomplished will be overshadowed by the adults.

“Absolutely I agree it was a careless & insensitive comment made by our administrator but tomorrow should be about the kids. Generalizations get us all into trouble.”

Very true and hopefully folks in eastern Kentucky will know not all Boyle Countians agreed with what was said.

But my hope is that at this time tomorrow we are just talking about Boyle-Johnson Central because of a great state championship game and not what was said at a pep rally. Players on both teams deserve that.

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  1. Wow it sounds like somebody has added the fuel to the playing field today. It’s common sense is to think before saying it. That is something the world has lost in my opinion.

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