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Lynn Bowden had to learn to be patient at Kentucky

Lynn Bowden (Jeff Houchin Photo)


Ever wonder what it is like for Lynn Bowden when he was running the ball through a defense that knows he is coming but still can’t stop him like Louisville and others couldn’t in recent weeks.

“It is a great feeling, you know what I mean? The coaches here are doing something right,” Bowden said.

Yes they are but so is he to find the right spots to hit and then don’t forget the tackles he’s broke and/or avoided.

He was unstoppable last week against Louisville when he ran for 284 yards and four touchdowns to help UK set a school rushing record with 517 yards. It was his sixth 100-yard game in seven starts and the second best single game rushing effort ever at UK.

“Today, I had to just trust my speed. My coach and my teammates have been getting on my because I cut too much, and I definitely agree with that. I trust my cut ability more than my speed and today I just wanted to try something new and strike a match,” Bowden said after the win.

It was a rousing end to a season that looked lost when UK was 2-3 and had its top three quarterbacks injured before Bowden switched from receiver to quarterback.

“We had expectations, it was just those little tragedies we had and overcame as a unit, team and program. We just kept fighting,” the junior said.

Bowden recalled his first UK game when he played one snap, something he was not happy about considering he was touted as one of the most talented players UK had ever signed.

“I had to learn to be patient. There were a lot of great players that were here and I had just come out of high school and got to camp late, so I had to learn how to be patient and I did that,” Bowden said.

“I was always a guy that played varsity since my freshman year. I scored, I think, 25 touchdowns my freshman year (in high school) and got my first three (college scholarship) offers. I kind of thought it was going to be like that coming to college and I had to learn to be patient.”


  1. That same patience has found it’s way onto the field. He looked so calm on the field against Louisville, not forcing anything, but waiting for the holes to open! I would love to see what he could accomplish with a year of preparation and working on his passing. It just my be enough to have him for one more year.

    Make no promises, the best man will be quarterback earned in practice. Worse case he gets a year at receiver and wildcat to improve his skills. It may get him an opportunity to play quarterback at the next level.

    Only Lynn knows what is in his heart. Whatever he chooses, we wish him nothing but the best and all our gratitude.

  2. I don’t know what Lynn Bowden will do, but if he just wants too play in the NFL now, as a receiver, I say he probably goes to the NFL for a good pay day. If he wants to play someday as a pro QB in the NFL, he needs another year at UK to improve on his passing skill. Then there is Terry Wilson that will also have a say in who will lineup at the UK QB position in 2020. But his injury is tough to fully recover from. If Bowden returns to UK, I say he’ll probably start at QB. JMO. He presents a dangerous offense as a running QB, which he has proven this season is a force to be reckoned with. Add the passing threat occasionally, and UK will be harder to stop with him on the field in 2020. As a fan, I hope he returns.

  3. It be nice he does return. But what he illustrated after the game against Louisville he’s gone. Got a child to support cant blame him if he goes to NFL.

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