Mark Stoops got “bummed out” when students didn’t respond better to his book reading


When offensive lineman Jeremy Flax announced he would sign with Kentucky — and he did Wednesday — he said the attention coach Mark Stoops and his staff gave him and his family was a big deal.

Flax, who played junior college football in Kansas, said Stoops even paid a visit to Michigan to see his mother, a school teacher and read a book to her class.

Stoops confirmed the story Wednesday at his signing day press conference. However, he couldn’t remember exactly what book he read — and my guess is that’s because he would have read whatever Flax’s mother needed him to read.

“I wish I did know it (the name of the book). But I took a picture,” Stoops said. “I’ll have to tweet it out of Clink (secondary coach Steve Clinkscale), when Clink was reading.

“And he was butchering it up so bad I felt the need to grab the next book. So, I did a really good job of reading mine.  And then I asked the kids afterwards, ‘Who did a better job, me or Coach Clink?’ They all pointed to Coach Clink.”

What did Stoops think of that reaction?

“I was a little disappointed. That bummed me out because I was real enthusiastic, showed them the pictures and everything,” Stoops joked. “It was good. I was good. Got a lot of practice with that. Definitely. We’re all in.

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