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Max Duffy “thankful” he has another year at UK to prepare for possible NFL career

Max Duffy (Vicky Graff Photo)


Unlike a lot of college players, Max Duffy does not fantasize about playing in the NFL. He would be happy for the opportunity to do that, but getting his Master’s degree is his main priority.

“Playing in the NFL would be a dream but whether that is realistic or not I don’t know,” Duffy, the nations’ leading punter at 48.6 yards per punt, said. “Academics is why I am here. If I just got to work out for a team or punt in a preseason game, then my life dream would be completed. It would be awesome if I just could get a tryout to kick to see if it would work.”

So any chance he would bypass his senior year at UK in 2020 to try his luck in the NFL like Lynn Bowden has announced he will do?

“I am here to finish my Master’s and I know I am probably not good enough to even make the NFL,” Duffy said. “I want to coach back home (in Australia) or be a sports psychologist working with elite athletes back home. Either one would be ideal and I am just thankful I got to come to Kentucky so I can hopefully make that happen.”

Duffy helped UK lead the nation in net punting and was twice named the Ray Guy Award Punter of the Week. He is one of three  finalists for the Ray Guy Award given to the nation’s top punter and  is UK’s all-time leading career punter at 46.47 yards on 107 kicks. Yet when the coaches picked their all-SEC team, Duffy was on the second team and Braden Mann of Texas A&M on the first team. Mann is not one of the three finalists for the Guy Award.

However, even Duffy/s friends and family back home do not have a true appreciation for all he’s done.

“They know I have done okay but when games are at 3 in the morning back home it’s tough to convince people to get up and watch,” Duffy said. “My parents come over once a year. My siblings also come about once a year. Some friends pass through from time to time.

“I miss home, so it is always good to chat about the home land. But the best part is when some of them are here even though that still doesn’t really help them all understand that much about what I do.”


  1. UK has had their fair share of great punters, but IMO, none better than Max.

  2. And thankful that he’s coming back next year.

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