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Merry Christmas with a few spirited notes from Vegas

Ashton Hagans (Vicky Graff Photo)


Here’s hoping all of you are enjoying time with family, loved ones and/or friends today on this very special day for all of us.

Last week in Las Vegas, two things happened on Saturday related to the Kentucky basketball game that made me think a lot about the right holiday spirit/perspective.

Kentucky played No. 5 Ohio State in T-Mobile Arena and about 80 percent of the fans were Kentucky fans. After Ohio State won 71-65, the Ohio State players immediately went to celebrate with their fans. They ran to the crowd and exchanged high fives with any fan close enough to reach out.

“We just try to show love to our fans for coming out to road games,” Ohio State center Kaleb Wesson said. “We understand it’s hard to get out to road games, spending the money to come watch us play. We appreciate that.”

They should but way too many players forget that and it was obvious the Buckeyes were genuine in their thanks to the fans.

A few hours after the game, photographer Vicky Graff was at the Las Vegas airport to catch a flight home hopefully in time to sing in her church’s choir Sunday morning — which she was able to do.

Several Kentucky players were also there to catch flights home for Christmas. Sophomore guard Ashton Hagans recognized Graff and came over to thank her for coming to watch Kentucky play. He even told her he was sorry she came that far to watch and UK lost both games.

If that wasn’t enough, he then gave her a hug and wished her Merry Christmas.

Sure, UK had just lost a pivotal game a few hours earlier but Hagans took the time to say what he did to Graff and reminded me what spirit one should have no matter what happens in an athletic event.

So MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all and thanks for reading

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  1. Larry, you are absolutely right. Thanks for reminded us die hard fans.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

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