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Nate Sestina’s return will take UK to even higher level

Nate Sestina (Vicky Graff Photo)


Before Nate Sestina chose Bucknell to play his college basketball, he was recruited by Fairleigh Dickinson coach Greg Herenda.

“I love the kid. He’s in the middle of nowhere in New York. He gets hurt and it opens up another window for Kentucky. So, when. He gets back, you guys known how good they are but today they were really good,” Herenda said after UK beat his team Saturday.

Sestina didn’t play because he’s out with a broken wrist and won’t be back until the end of the  month at the earliest. His absence is giving EJ Montgomery and Nick Richards a chance to play even bigger roles for UK.

However, Herenda believes Sestina’s return will be a huge boost for the Cats.

“He just gives you another big body, he sets great screens, he’s got a toughness, a basketball attitude. He’s a Bucknell graduate, so I think he’s maybe… not the missing link, but he’s the piece that’s gonna take from Richards to Montgomery and Sestina, you can play off that a lot,” Herenda said about the Bucknell graduate transfer.

“Nate wasn’t recruited highly at all. We were on him for a long time. West Virginia was looking at him, and he went to Bucknell. Which is a great institution and great school, but he’s a high-level player, and a high-level kid, from a great family, great high school coaches, so he’s just gonna make everybody better.

“I think you guys saw that in the preseason and probably so in the first few games before he got hurt. “


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  1. It will be good to get Sestina back for the depth he provides, but Nick and EJ are playing well.

  2. Can’t wait to get Nate back. He does bring a higher degree of physicality than other 2 and should bring more stability. It is nice to see that both Nick and EJ have been carrying the team last couple of games although Nick did fall back a little last game. Cal doing the right thing by continue to push Nick for improvement

  3. I didn’t think Nick played to his potential the last game and he can’t relapse if this team is to have any chance against U of L and Ohio State. Allowing players to simply drive right down the middle uncontested will get us slaughtered against Ohio State. JMHO, but Brooks has the most upside of any of the big guys-Go Cats!

    1. Preaching time!! Nick relapse? My goodness man, he leads all scorers right now at 14 points per game, and averages 8.5 rebounds per game. He got out out shined by EJ in the last game is all. Two UK players who have been the brunt of jokes by a couple on this site in the past. That sort of play from UK’s 4 and 5 positions is a very good thing to witness right now, IMO. I didn’t see a relapse from Nick, I saw a step up for EJ. While I’m at it, one in the past, no longer with us these days, said this UK schedule is weak. I say REALLY? Ohio State will be a big challenge soon. Texas Tech will be a real test in Lubbock, and the Cards will be pumped for the rivalry game at Rupp on 12/28 to name a few. UK and the Cats are getting ready for the challenges ahead. GO Cats!!!!

      1. @ Pup

        I’ll be MIA Dec. 14-21.
        I’m taking my wife on a cruise to Cozumel, Belize, and Honduras as we celebrate our 28th Anniversary.
        I trust you will continue to keep the troops in line during my absence.

        GO BIG BLUE…RAH, RAH, RAH !!!

        1. Good for you Hornet1. Be safe.

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