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Will NFL scouts/coaches have any questions about Lynn Bowden’s speed?

Lynn Bowden (Vicky Graff Photo)


Once Lynn Bowden got into open field against Louisville, he went to the end zone during his record-setting 284-yard, four-touchdown performance.

But remember the game before when twice he got into the open field only to be caught by UT-Martin defenders.

After that game, I asked former UK running back Anthony White if Bowden not outrunning UT-Martin defenders would be a red flag for NFL scouts/coaches on draft day.

“I have always been told Lynn is one of top three fastest guys on the team,” White said. “It surprised me it happened more than once that game. It does kind of raise the radar with him probably getting ready to go to the NFL.

“When you are in the open field in a game, that’s when you usually can tell a player’s real speed. So getting caught might raise some questions but if he can run a 4.3 (second 40-yard dash) at the (NFL) combine it will erase the doubts. You might just chalk it up to maybe him being a little banged up that game or maybe guys had angles on him.

“It does not bode well for the NFL to get caught from behind twice. From my experience as a receiver/running back, he should be very well conditioned. I will just be curious to see what is time is if he does leave for the NFL and goes to the combine. But you can bet the NFL guys did take not of him getting caught, too, and will be wanting to see his 40 time, too.”


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  1. Benny’s not overly fast, doing ok so far and Bowden is a lot more shifty. Best of luck to both guys.

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