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Cats have to learn they are not playing St. Aloysius and put teams away if given the chance

Kahlil Whitney was just 1-for-4 from the field at South Carolina. (Vicky Graff Photo)


How will Kentucky bounce back from Wednesday’s disappointing loss at South Carolina Wednesday when it plays at Arkansas, a much better team than South Carolina, on Saturday afternoon?”

Senior Nate Sestina thinks the Cats can “forget” the 81-78 loss and blowing a 14-point lead.

“This is just another opportunity for us to kind of take it, mourn for 24 hours – Coach always says – and then get back after it,” Sestina said Wednesday night. “Tomorrow’s a new day. Today’s in the past already. Game’s over. Can’t do anything about it now.

“The outcome is what it is and for us to move forward we kind of have to forget about it, get back tomorrow, watch film, see what we need to do to get better and continue to move forward.”

Sounds good but might be easier said than done.

“”I have no idea. I still gotta watch this tape to see how I really feel about how we played because I did like the first half,” coach John Calipiari said after the game.  “There were spurts in the first half where we could have had it to 10 or 12 instead of eight.

“And this team doesn’t get that yet. When you get a chance to get somebody to 20, you do it. This team does not do it. We haven’t done it all year. Then all of a sudden we kind of break off or we break down defensively and ‘it’s not that big a deal.’

“You’re not playing St. Aloysius. This is Division I, major college, power five. Every possession matters. And when you get a chance to get somebody down, you do. But I’ll say this once again: They played, they deserved to win. Their kids did a great job and they should be congratulated.”

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  1. Hopefully, they won’t need to lose 2 in a row again to start playing again. The Razorbacks are better in every way. We need this win to get back some confidence that we will need at Texas Tech and Auburn. This will be the turning point for this season. If we win, we can get back on track and still be in the running for an SEC season title. If not, it will all hang on the conference tourney.

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