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For Tyrese Maxey’s father, it was “tough just watching on TV” when he could not attend UK games

Tyrone Maxey, right, is now “fully back” being able to attend UK games to watch his son. (Vicky Graff Photo)


Until this season, whenever Tyrese Maxey played a game, his father was always there. However, Tyrone Maxey didn’t get to see his son play in person at Kentucky this year until the Cats beat Louisville in overtime Dec. 28 in Rupp Arena.

“Not to be there has been really different,” Tyrone Maxey, a former high school and college assistant coach, said. “All he had ever known was me being there. It was tough just watching on TV. I was giving him feedback after every game.”

Denyse Maxey, the UK freshman’s mother, has been at a majority of UK games but some health issues kept Tyrone away until Louisville.

“He (Tyrese) might jokingly say he could hear me scream but I don’t do that,” Tyrone Maxey said. “I will make a majority of the home games from now on. Away games, maybe a couple like Georgia and definitelyTexas Tech.

“I’ve got to be there obviously for the NCAA Tournament, SEC Tournament. I am fully back at it. God is good.”

He thinks his son’s overall play has been “pretty good” but he says he was “accustomed” to games like the 26 points against Michigan State to open the season and 27 against Louisville when he made four 3-pointers thanks in part to a shooting tip from his father that helped snapped a 2-for-20 skid from 3-point range.

“It has been an adjustment playing off the ball. He is used to being on the ball and he has kind of struggled getting used to that,” Tyrone Maxey, who wore a white UK jersey with his son’s number on it Saturday in Rupp Arena when UK beat Alabama, said. “He can play off the ball or on it but he’s never been off the ball this much. He’s always been a point guard.

“I played him about 70 percent on and 30 percent off with us, but doing this will bode well for him at the next level. It’s part of the positionless basketball with Cal and he’s adjusted. Bottom line, he just wants to win. I think you get the best of him on the ball but it’s working well for Kentucky.”

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