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Immanuel Quickley’s aunt has a Big Blue dream — watch a game from the E-Rupp-Tion Zone

Demetria Caldwell, right, cheering for Immanuel Quickley. (Jeff Houchin Photo)


She’s only been part of Big Blue Nation for two years, but there’s not a bigger Kentucky basketball fan now than Demetria Caldwell.

Her nephew, sophomore guard Immanuel Quickly, is emerging as a star player for the Cats and one of the better guards in the Southeastern Conference. She’s not missed a home game since he’s been at UK, made every postseason game last year and also has been to several road games.

“Kentucky has embraced us and loves this team,” Caldwell said. “Big Blue is serious about basketball.”

So is she even though she has calmed down since watching her nephew play high school basketball in Maryland.

“When he was in high school I would run up and down the court because I was so excited,” Caldwell said. “I do not do that any more. I still get excited. I just don’t run up and down the court.”

However, she does have a Big Blue wish that would let her show more excitement than she does when she sits in the parents’ section in Rupp Arena.

“I want to sit in the E-Rupp-Tion Zone one time and hold up Immanuel’s face (on a fathead) and just jump up and down,” Caldwell said.

The E-Rupp-Tion Zone is normally filled with UK students. At times, though, seats do not sell out or non-students make their way into the section for other games. Caldwell wearing her traditional UK pink baseball hat watching the game from the E-Rupp-Tion Zone would be so much fun.

Hopefully someone can make it happen. Maybe there’s a NCAA rule — aren’t there rules for everything that often don’t make sense — against it but I sure hope not.

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  1. She has amazing energy. I had the opportunity to meet her when we played Eastern Kentucky at the start of the season. At the time I thought she was Quickley’s mom. She gives off so much positive energy. Get her some tickets to the eruption zone ASAP!! Everyone stays seated in the parents/family area. She wants to jump and scream!!

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