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John Calipari on Ashton Hagans: “It’s not his Achilles.”

Ashton Hagans (Vicky Graff Photo)

Here’s what John Calipari had to say in his postgame press conference about the injury to sophomore guard Ashton Hagans and what happened to him late in the game.

Q. Cal, the obvious question, good win for you guys, great stuff from Nick and Immanuel, but everybody is wondering what’s up with Ashton? What’s his status?
JOHN CALIPARI: It’s an ankle. I had one fear. What do you think my fear was for him?

Q. Achilles?
JOHN CALIPARI: Yeah, that was my fear. Forget about our team. For him, his game and how he plays, it’s not his Achilles. He said it’s a low ankle sprain. You know high ankle sprains take like two weeks. A low ankle sprain takes 18 hours. So he’ll be fine.

Q. Cal, there is so much about the way that happened with Ashton that looked like Achilles. Obviously, you were worried about it. What flashes through your mind as you’re in the uncertainty before you know?
JOHN CALIPARI: When I walked off the court, they had me on the TV, and I was trying to get off the TV because I wanted to go back and make sure, but when they told me it wasn’t that, okay, we can deal with whatever else it is. Again, maybe he’s out. Maybe he doesn’t play against Georgia. Then you’re all going to see the impact and the importance he has on this team. His will drags these guys.

Now he’s not in there. Okay. You want to say this guy’s really good or that guy’s really good? All right. He’s not in there now.

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