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Kentucky has to be ready for “beer day” at Texas Tech

Kentucky could face a brutal environment tonight in Texas. (Vicky Graff Photo)


It’s not unusual for Kentucky to face hostile, amped up crowds when it plays road games and that certainly will be the case tonight when UK plays at Texas Tech.

However, this has a strange twist — Texas Tech apparently is going to provide beer for students of legal age during a tailgate that starts seven hours before the game.

Texas Tech coach Chris Beard and point guard Davide Moretti invited students to the tailgate that will offer free food and beer. They also asked students to wear black to the game for the kind of “blackout” UK often faces.

Now it’s naive to think without the free beer that some college students would not drink before attending a big matchup like this. Or that some under age 21 will do the same.

But to invite students to start drinking seven hours before a game and encourage them to do it seems like a bad idea as anyone at Kentucky knows after the tragedy that took the life of a young fan at a UK football game.

Kentucky coach John Calipari was asked Friday what he thought about students being given free beer at a Texas Tech pep rally?

“They’re giving free beer to students? At the game? On campus? Wow,” Calipari said.

What about double wow?

“I mean, it’s been hat day, cap day, shirt day, blackout, whiteout, red-out. Now it’s beer day. I have not heard of that before,” Calipari said.


  1. Nothing surprises me anymore in the age in which we live today. It is a good example of putting alcohol into the hands of some before the safety of others. People will reap what they sow too. If something bad should happen tonight as a result of this foolish and dangerous decision, everybody at Texas Tech will be pointing fingers at each other. I hope no one is killed or injured before the game, during the game, or after the game. It could happen, and it has before as this article points out. This opens a dangerous possibility that is not worth the risk, ever! This type of promotion, just to to draw a crowd, does not belong in college athletics.

  2. It looks like the refs got in on beer day too. I guess it goes with home cooking. They did everything possible to keep Tech in this game. Good road win in a hostile enviroment playing 5 against 8.

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