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Kentucky recruit’s high school coach once had Megan Calipari as student office worker

Megan Calipari is a pasty chef but she used to be an office work for a high school coach in Memphis who now has a player her father, John Calipari, is recruiting.


Maybe John Calipari will get a little family assistance in recruiting again.

Remember Nate Sestina’s connection to Kentucky was that a Bucknell assistant coach had been Brad Calipari’s coach on a summer tour.

Now Calipari’s daughter, Megan, knows Briarcrest Christian Academy junior point guard Kennedy Chandler’s high school coach, John Harrington, because when her father was coaching at Memphis she attended Briarcrest.

“I have known Cal forever,” Harrington said. “Megan worked for me in my office and is really a sweet girl.”
When Calipari recently came to watch the 6-1 Chandler play, he called his daughter and gave Harrington the phone to talk to her.

“It was just like old times,” Harrington said.

Harrington has also noticed how Megan Calipari will quickly stick for her father on social media. She might poke fun at her dad, but if someone criticizes him too harshly or unfairly in her opinion, she will sound off.

“She is going to take up for her dad on social media,”Harrington said. “I did not see that side of her in high school. She was more like ‘whatever’ when it came to her dad.”

So what happened?

“She has had a good taste of that blue liquid up there in Kentucky,” Harrington said.

What about recruiting? Has she chimed in on Harrington in any way?

“She has not called to recruit yet but if she did call I would know to listen,” Harrington laughed and said.

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