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No more Sunday Morning Sports will leave void, thanks for all the kind words/wishes — just remember I will still be on radio


Just remember that even though I won’t be on Sunday Morning Sports Talk after Tuesday’s decision by iHeart Media to discontinue the show I did with Mark Buerger and Anthony White, I will still be on radio.

I am on WPBK (102.9 FM, every other Thursday from 7:15-8 a.m. with Tim Estes talking UK sports. This week’s guest is Sporting News columnist Mike DeCourcy. And I am not going away on WKYB (107.5 FM, with Jayme Phillips on Thursdays from 9-10 a.m. This week’s guest include Lee Cruse and Hayley Harmon talking about their new show starting next month on WTVQ-TV (Channel 36).

I also will continue to be a guest on the Leach Report with Tom Leach each Tuesday between 9-10 a.m. and hopefully will get to guest host occasionally like I have for the last few years. Who knows, Michael Bennett might even have me on some and now I can do guest spots with Larry Glover on WVLK (590 AM) also.

But not being on Sunday morning on WLAP is going to be different. I have been doing the show 17 or 18 years I think, including the last 11 with Buerger. Before the hosts I worked with were Leland Conway and Jim Tirey (ironically iHeart Media also cut Conway loose Tuesday). Remember at one time All-American Kyle Macy was part of the show and then White, a former all-SEC player at UK and NFL player, joined the crew.

I went years without missing a show, including calling in from vacations. Because of a terrific deal with Verizon, I even called the show from Switzerland and Italy to do shows. Why do that? Because I liked what I was doing and did not consider it work.

Fortunately, WLAP execs always let me get off air about 10:45 a.m. so I could head to church and not worry about what my late father would be thinking as he looked down if I skipped church to do a radio show.

I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed the calls or meeting folks who listened when I was at games or anywhere else. And did the folks love the Buerger rants — and so did Anthony and I.

My biggest regret is that we didn’t know last week was our last show and didn’t get a chance to say thanks on air to all who listened even though I understand now it is customary in radio not to let those being relieved of their jobs to have a final show.

What helped a lot Tuesday was hearing from so many listeners and friends. I lost count of the text messages and calls and there was no way to keep track of the mentions on Twitter. Here are a few I pulled off and really liked I wanted to share just to give you an idea.

Sarah White: “Listened to you every Sunday on the way to church. They must have blindsided everyone. I am sorry for each of you, and I am sorry for me.”

Patrick McWhorter: “A regular listener in south Alabama. Sure am going to miss y’all on the way to church.”

Chris Adams: “Never called, but enjoyed listening and communicating through here with all of you. Sundays will be quite a bit slower around here now.”

Robin Huffman: “I hate that the show is ending. Always looked forward to the witty banter every Sunday morning”

Dave Hopewell: “I do hate to hear this Larry. I couldn’t listen in all the time but when I could I always enjoyed it. Wonder what the next chapter will bring?”

Susan Tyler Witten: “So bummed. I streamed the show from Louisville every Sunday while getting ready for church (& I occasionally was late due to an interesting segment!). Lots of my friends (& husband!) were affected by the changes. Wanted you to know I will really miss the show.”

Robert Hill: “Loved listening to you guys, every Sunday morning in the fall after a big football game while setting around the family breakfast table before Church. We are sad to hear of this news.”

Randy Webb: “I have listened and read your stuff for years. Growing up in Winchester, going to miss the whole gang.”

And perhaps my favorite social media message of them all was from Jon Kelly Johnson.

“Will miss getting ready for church, drinking coffee and listening to you guys on Sunday morning. It something I really enjoyed. My wife would listen too in our bathroom … and make comments. What a shame. I’ll miss hearing you Larry.”

And I will miss talking to all of you on Sundays … and wondering just what Johnson’s wife and others might have been saying and thinking.

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  1. Larry, can’t tell you how devastated Mike and I are. Sunday Morning Sports, to me at least, is an integral part of UK Football. Couldn’t wait ’til 0900 after a win–couldn’t bear to hear first 5 minutes after a loss (but always listened to the rest)! A bonus was when the preacher was short enough that we could hear the last segment on the way home. I guess I just don’t understand the radio business–really no use for the iHeart app anymore.

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