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Signee John Young has same “nasty disposition” Logan Stenberg had on field

John Young, left, with Beau Allen. (Grover Sales Photo)


One of Kentucky’s top signees in the 2020 football recruiting class was Christian Academy of Louisville offensive lineman John Young.

The 6-6, 275-pound Young will be an early enrollee and along with Lexington Catholic quarterback Beau Allen had the same kind of impact on recruiting that in-state stars Landon Young, Drake Jackson and Kash Daniel did four years ago.

Offensive line coach John Schlarman says it’s okay to appreciate Young’s size and roots, but not to overlook one very important fact.

“What can’t be overlooked about John Young is his talent. Yes, he’s a kid from Kentucky. Yes, he’s a great kid. Yes, he’s all those things but he’s also very talented and he plays with a nasty disposition that I just love,” Schlarman said.

Nasty disposition? Does that sound familiar? Yes, it does. That’s the way Schlarman and most UK opponents described All-American guard Logan Stenberg.

“The way he plays the game reminds me of Stenberg and that’s a compliment because Stenny plays it old school and sometimes we got to rein him in and I see maybe having to rein John in a little bit,” Schlarman said. “But I’d rather have to do that than kick ’em and get ’em going.

“He comes from a great family, a great program, won a state championship, so he comes from a winning tradition. He brings that to the table. He’s going to be a tremendous asset and wearing Kentucky across his chest is going to be important to him.”

Don’t underestimate what playing for UK means to him like it has for a lot of other in-state players and will continue to do so.

“He had a ton of options. He could’ve gone anywhere in the country but once he committed and he shut his recruiting down it was over,” Schlarman said.

“There was never any reservation on his part. This is where he wants to be and that’s what you want in your room is guys that really want to be in there.”

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