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What kind of shooting tip did Tyrese Maxey’s father give him?

Tyrese Maxey hit four 3-pointers against Louisville. (Vicky Graff Photo)


When Tyrese Maxey broke out of a 2-for-20 shooting slump from 3-point range in a win over Louisville by going 4-for-5, he credited his father — and his former coach — for a shooting tip.

It was the first time Tyrone Maxey had seen his son play in person this season and he came to Lexington early to go through some drills they had done for years.

“I had to be there to take him through it,” Tyrone Maxey said. “We skilled every since he was second grade. We’ve always done that.

“We worked out prior to the (Louisville) game to get him back acclimated to what we do and doing it better.”

So what had gone wrong?

“He was not following through (on his shot). He was backing out of his shot,” Tyrone Maxey said. “I just made sure he was staying in there. Just a small little detail.”

Tyrone Maxey had been watching UK games on television and noticed then his son was not following through like he should be on his shot.

Why not just tell him on the phone?

“This way he could hear my voice and I could make sure he was doing it. I couldn’t do that over the phone,” Tyrone Maxey said.

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  1. It looked to me that he was getting his feet set better on his three pointers instead of the “running” three pointers that he was shooting.

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