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What’s wrong with college basketball? Let South Carolina coach Frank Martin explain


South Carolina basketball coach Frank Martin is never one to mince words and certainly didn’t when asked why the level of play in college basketball this year has not seemed quite as good as usual.

“The biggest problem we have at the high major level is most of us are young. For the Kentuckys of the world, they lose so many players to the draft. For us we just have guys transfer,” Martin said.

“It’s not a South Carolina problem. It is a societal thing. They all think they will average 32 minutes and average 22 points (per game as a freshman) and when they don’t, some up and leave. So you stay young and with youth comes inconsistency.

“There is a reason major corporations don’t hire 18 year olds to make decisions. They hire the to make coffee and give rides. We have got talented teams (in college basketball) who can beat anybody but because of immaturity can get beat by anybody, too.”


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  1. Frank Martin gets right to the point in very few words.

    1. Yes he does Professor

  2. Seems when he gets his type of tough mentality players, and they buy into his system, they are hard to beat…old school coach and a good one.

  3. I wonder if he wants some cheese with that whine. Never liked him or his style of coaching. If it worked that well he would not be a SC, He was fired for being ineffective. There are ways to motivate players but his style is as dead and gone as Adolff Rupp. If he dislikes the way it is he should just retire . IMO.

    Cal called the current trend when he took over at UK. It’s called the Kentucky effect. Coaches who swore they would not recruit one and done are doing it. Young players saw all the UK kids going to the NBA and all now believe they are ready. Success breeds copy cats but the issue is no one has Cal so it doesn’t work for everyone and everywhere.

    I for one do not miss for one second the old days or ways. But I probably look at it from a different set of eyes than most here. Moma always said “if you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen,

    As Bob Dylan so graciously wrote: The times they are a changing

    Keep up the good work Larry GO BLUE OR STAY HOME

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