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Would Vince Marrow leave UK? Cats should make it financially to where he will not

Vince Marrow, left, and Mark Stoops have had some good times at UK. (Vicky Graff Photo)


Could Vince Marrow leave Kentucky for Youngstown State?

The Kentucky football recruiting coordinator apparently has drawn interest from Youngstown State as a candidate for its vacant head coaching position.

Marrow is a Youngstown native and at age 51 has a passionate desire to be a head coach. He’s helped revitalize the Kentucky program under Mark Stoops and it should be no surprise that Youngstown would potentially target Marrow.

The UK coordinator was on a recruiting trip in Ohio Wednesday when WKBN-27 found him and asked about his interest in the job. Here’s what he told the TV station.

“Names are thrown out. I’m from here, grew up here. My interest — until I talk to somebody, my interest is just, I’m watching as a fan. But I’m a big fan of (Youngstown State president) Coach Tressel and (athletic director) Ron Strollo — played against him in high school. I’m pretty sure they’re going to get a good guy,” Marrow said.

“A lot of people from home have been calling me and saying ‘We want you to come back home.’ I’m just up here recruiting, just looking at kids and all of that. If my interest was there to be the head coach there — we have to see.

“I know whenever I take a head job, I’ll do a good job. Right now we’re building a good thing down at Kentucky, but in the short future — you just never know when’s the right time to do it. But I know I will be a head coach sometime.”

Odds are he would take a pay cut to leave UK and become head coach at Youngstown. Odds are he will also likely get a raise at UK just knowing that he’s drawing interest from Youngstown State — and he should.

The SEC announced Thursday that each school got about $50 million from the league for the 2018-19 school year. Surely UK could spare another $400,00 or more for Marrow to keep the football program’s momentum going. Out of $50 million, a $400,000 expenditure is next to nothing.

Marrow has been with Stoops at UK since day one and has dramatically elevated Kentucky’s recruiting to where landing four-star players — or even a five-star — is not unexpected. That has never happened before at UK.

Kentucky fans understand what Marrow has done for the program.

“I respect coach Marrow and he has to do what’s right for him. He’s done a lot for us! I hope Mitch (Barnhart) makes it a hard financial decision for him. I agree with something I read earlier. Going home isn’t always the best move especially if things don’t work out. Selfish me says STAY!” Wes Lewis posted on Twitter.

“Please stay at UK until we win the (SEC) East — we love ya and respect your wishes but we really want you to stay,” Lonnie Stewart tweeted.

If Marrow does leave, wish him well. He’s poured his heart and soul into UK football. Just pat him on the back and tell him thanks.

But no doubt Lewis is not the only UK fan feeling “selfish” and wanting Marrow to stay as Stewart indicated.

My gut — Marrow will be back at UK. However, if he would leave, just remember he has helped build a program that I think is now past crumbling over the loss of any player or coach but no doubt UK football will be a lot, lot, lot better if Marrow is back.


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  1. I for one hope he stays. No one on this staff recruits the state of Ohio better than Marrow.

  2. This is a 5 Star summary. I have a feeling he will stay for another year. The expectancies for the 2020 season are high. Maybe unreasonably high, and I include my own expectations. If we have the season I think we can have it will be difficult to keep this staff together. I’m sure the opportunities and offers will increase including offers from more well funded programs. I really like the Big Dog and can only wish him the best.

  3. Pay him whatever it takes. He is a huge reason that our program is improving. We can still survive & improve if he leaves but there are some people that are worth much more than others. He is one of those. Again , pay him what it takes. Use a little of our SEC $.

    1. not sure why but at least he is back

      1. I’m not sure either but I’m really happy that he is staying. You are right about this being one of the most important “commitments “ of the season. Old Fan could be right about his personal fulfillment comment. Huge progress already but still some unfinished business here. If you think about it, many would rather be an assistant in the SEC. Also one of the best recruiting coordinators in the best Conference. He seems loyal to Coach Stoops.

  4. Looks like he is already making Quite a bit more than the Youngstown State position. We still need to figure out what it will take to keep him.

  5. I hope he stays, but sometimes it is not about the money.
    A personal fulfillment in what you are doing can seldom be bought.
    Also, if he takes he job, he might see it as a step back, to take two steps forward.

  6. Just pay him. what he has done is immeasurable the quality of the athlete has changed and the results are proof of that. we no longer sign guys who were heading to western we sign guys with offers from historically top FB programs especially from the big 10. Please just pay him!

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