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Auburn’s strategy on Nick Richards worked — and might be copied by others

Auburn negated Nick Richards’ play. (Vicky Graff Photo)


Early in the Kentucky-Auburn game Saturday ESPN analyst Jay Bilas praised UK junior center Nick Richards for his rebounding skills.

“Richards is doing such a good job on the offensive glass and not surrendering to the blockout. You can get a body on him but he just won’t stop,” Bilas said.

Guess what? Auburn did stop him enough to beat the Wildcats 75-66.

Four of Richards’ seven rebounds were offensive but he had just seven points on 3-for-8 shooting and got to the foul line just twice. He also managed to block just one shot in his 37 minutes of play.

Auburn centers Austin Wiley and Anfernee McLemore kept the defensive pressure on him. Richards had scored at least 13 points in every game since Dec. 21 and been so good that Auburn coach Bruce Pearl agreed he was a SEC Player of the Year candidate.

Pearl said Wiley’s physical play enabled him to “hang in there and negate some” of Richards’ ability. McLemore is not as big or strong as Wiley but his energy helped negate Richards’ play as well.

“Every time their guards drove to the basket, we knew they were going to look for him (Richards), so we just stayed with him instead of rotating over for the block,” Wiley said. “I feel like that helped a lot.”

It did. The UK guards could not lob the ball to Richards for easy dunks as they had the last six weeks.

But not only did McLemore and Wiley play defense in their combined 40 minutes, they also easily outscored Richards. Wiley had 12 points and McLemore seven. They got to the foul line a combined 10 times. They also combined for 15 rebounds, including 10 of Auburn’s 17 offensive boards that won the game for the Tigers as Auburn had 24 points in the paint to 18 for UK.

“Wiley just had a field day on Nick, and not many people have done that to Nick, but he did,” Kentucky coach John Calipari said.

“Nick Richards has been dominating lately, and (Wiley) was just physically able to hang in there and to negate some of it,” Auburn head coach Bruce Pearl said. “And I thought Anfernee McLemore, who gives away a lot of size, hung in there as well.”


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  1. Yeah, well they fouled Nick a lot too in this so called strategy, add that to the equation. Pushing, shoving, hooking, physical lower body fouls that were overlooked and never called. The picture above looks like a foul to me. Is No. 50 playing basketball or football here? What happened to the defenders hands straight up deal against an offensive player making a move around or toward the basket? He is into Nicks body here on Nick’s move to score looks like to me, that’s a foul.

    1. That’s a great point. No hands up on # 50 in the picture above. If the role was reversed then that’s a foul on Nick !

      1. If you just look at the fouls called on UK players in this game, good calls or bad, Nick has 4 PF’s, EJ has 4, Brooks 4, Hagans fouls out, Quickley fouls out, Maxey has 3, and Juzang 3. Is UK this bad in defending? I doubt it if they let them play like they let Auburn play.

        Only one player on Auburn’s team had as many as 4 fouls. Several had as many as three. None fouled out. Something is wrong with this picture in a physical game like that was. Call it fair is all I ask.

  2. Wiley is a big, strong guy. He is a tough matchup on a level playing field, but when he is allowed to body up, push, and grab its an embarrassment to the game and to SEC officiating. He wasn’t the only one, the whole Auburn team knew they could be reckless on defense and not worry about it. Dakich isn’t a UK lover, but he did have enough respect for the game to call the Auburn game what it was…ridiculously overdone home cooking.

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