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Cambridge Place Nursing and Rehabilitation names dining hall after UK lineman Landon Young

Landon Young got involved with Cambridge Place because of his friendship with Tim Biggs.


Kentucky offensive tackle Landon Young doesn’t think he does enough to help others and wishes he had time to do even more. Cambridge Place Nursing and Rehabilitation employees and residents feel differently.

That’s why the Lexington facility dedicated its dining hall in his honor during its annual pre-Super Bowl party last week and named it the “Landon Young Dining Hall” because of all he’s done at the facility.

“It is amazing that they did that,” Young said. “I want to spend more time out there. It is a blessing they think enough of me and did this for me. I really appreciate what they did and it means so much.

“My parents tried to raise me the way their parents raise them. Part of why I try to do so much is a fear of not wanting to disappoint my parents. I know they wouldn’t want me to feel that way but I just want to give back. I am so blessed and there’s no reason for me not to give back a lot.”

Young just thought he was coming to Cambridge Place for the annual Super Bowl event.

“I had no clue what they were doing. They definitely surprised me,” Young said. “(Cambridge therapist) Tim Biggs was trying to give me some hints about what might be happening and made me even more interested in trying to figure it out but I didn’t get close. They really got me.

Landon Young wishes he could spend even more time visiting residents than he has.

“There are a couple of residents who remember me every time I come and some that don’t at all but they are all still excited to find out who I am. They just enjoy seeing somebody different in the building. I want to give them hope, make them smile and sit down and just listen to them talk. They have a great staff there but they can only listen to so many people daily, so I am glad to try and do my part to help. But that staff if awesome and treats me like family.”

Young took two teammates — sophomore offensive lineman Darian Kinnard and freshman offensive lineman Jake Pope —with him for his latest visit and they knew the surprise was coming before he did.

“It was a new adventure for them. We have required community service hours and it was a chance for them to go over and beyond what is required,” Young said. “I want to bring them on board for the next couple of years.”

He’s had offensive line teammates Drake Jackson and Luke Fortner visit with him before and hopes to get even more teammates involved.


  1. He is a outstanding football player, and looks like an even better person. Glad he is on our team.

  2. Landon is a “bulldozer” on the football field, and also a very compassionate young man.

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