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Former UK All-American Kenny Walkers remembers loss, great fan support

Kenny Walker (Larry Vaught Photo)


Former Kentucky All-American Kenny Walker says even today he gets asked a lot of questions about his “great” games when he was playing for the Wildcats over 30 years ago.

“I had a few great games but I don’t remember them as much as these losses. You just can’t get over these losses,” Walker said. “After all these years, 1984 Final Four you got a front line of Sam Bowie, Melvin Turpin and myself and in the second half we made three of 33 shots, 9.1 percent.

“The worst half of basketball ever (at Kentucky) and we had eight McDonald’s All-Americans on that team. I have still not got over it.”

Kentucky lost that Final Four game to Georgetown when it scored 11 points in the second. Walker doubts he’ll ever forget that loss to the Dream Game loss in overtime to Louisville in the 1983 NCAA Tournament along with the 1986 NCAA Elite Eight loss to LSU in his final collegiate game after the Cats had already beat LSU three times that season

“Every time I put on that Kentucky uniform I felt like I was not only representing the University of Kentucky but also representing the state of Kentucky,” Walker said. “That was when we stayed in school three or four years so fans could get to know us more.

“The support I got from playing at UK was just incredible. That is why I can come back and do things now because UK fans don’t forget and I am forever grateful.”

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