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Hayley Harmon, Lee Cruse return to TV Feb. 17 on WTVQ, will have live shows at SEC Tournament in March

Lee Cruse and Hayley Harmon.


Talk show hosts Lee Cruse and Hayley Harmon will make their return to television Feb. 17 with with “The Lee and Hayley Show” each weekday on WTVQ (ABC 36) at 4 p.m.

Both were popular hosts on WLEX-TV in Lexington before Cruse was let go by the station and then Harmon resigned a few months later.

“They have welcomed us with open arms and we have complete creative control of our show now,” Cruse said. “The great thing is we own the show and work for ourselves and can determine the direction of the show.”

Harmon says the two have fun together and she feels “blessed” to be back on air.

“We kind of went through hell on earth but I firmly believe this is the best thing that could have happened,” Harmon said.

They have plans to be at the SEC Tournament in Nashville Mach 12-13.

“We have plans to travel more around the state and will definitely be at the SEC Tournament where our viewers will be invited to come hang out with us. I love sports. Hayley is a Tennessee fan, but we’ll deal with that,” Cruse joked.

“We are not sure about the location yet, but it will be live in Nashville those two days. Just watch our social media pages for the location as the time gets closer.”

Cruse is appreciative of the reception the two have received since announcing they would be back on air together.

“Chemistry does not just come along,” Cruse said. “If you create magic, you want to preserve it.”

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