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Is John Young a “nasty” player just like Logan Stenberg? His mom would not say so

John Young with coach Mark Stoops.


Kentucky signee John Young admits that UK offensive lineman Logan Stenberg is a player he has looked up to but he’s not sure everyone appreciates him being described as a “nasty” player on the field similar to Stenberg.

“I am not sure my mom would describe me that way because I am different at home than I am on the field,” Young, an all-state lineman at Christian Academy of Louisville, said. “Growing up I wanted to play basketball and she would get mad because I was pushing people down. She was happy when I started playing football and because it was legal to knock people down then.”

Young is now enrolled at UK — he’s rooming with quarterback Beau Allen — and ready to compete this spring in hopes of showing he could play next season.

“The redshirt thing will take care of itself. We are all here to compete. That’s why you pick the SEC,” Young said last month before he enrolled at UK. “I am definitely going to compete. I am not opposed to a redshirt year. I could play four games and still redshirt, so that would be fine with me if that’s how it turns out.”

He’s looking forward to learning from two in-state stars, center Drake Jackson and tackle Landon Young — both fifth-year seniors.

“I want to watch and see how they do business and learn from that,” Young said.

However, the big reason he came to UK was offensive line coach John Schlarman.

“He is a good man and a guy you want to play for,” Young said. “He’s one big reason I originally committed to Kentucky. Everybody loves playing for him and I believe he can keep raising the bar for what the offensive line does. I want to be part of doing that for him and Kentucky.”


  1. Not knocking our basketball team , but I’m so excited for the up coming football season.

  2. It looked great going into last year, it looks even better this year-Go Cats.

  3. Really glad we have John Young. He will continue the awesome linemen we have been getting!

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