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Jon Rothstein: “The Wildcats are hiding right in front of America.”

EJ Montgomery (Vicky Graff Photo)


CBS Sports college basketball insider Jon Rothstein (@JonRothstein) wondered in a column Wednesday why Kentucky was not being mention in national championship talk just like Kansas, Baylor, Gonzaga, San Diego State, Duke, Dayton and Florida State.

Of course, he then said it was because of the losses to Evansville in November and Utah in December.
But then he wrote this:

“Kentucky is 23-5 overall and 15-2 since losing to Ohio State on the Saturday before Christmas. The two losses since then featured one at South Carolina, which occurred at the buzzer and another on the road at Auburn, which is one of the toughest places to play in college basketball.

“Kentucky has quietly won seven straight games and 11 of its last 12 following Tuesday’s 69-60 win at Texas A&M. Barring something unforeseen, the Wildcats are going to win the SEC regular season title and be a heavy favorite in the SEC Tournament.”

He noted the emergence of Immanuel Quickley as the “favorite” to be SEC Player of the Year in the backcourt with Ashton Hagans and Tyrese Maxey to go with the rim protection of Nick Richards. 

Rothstein correctly noted that seedings could be less important this year than ever in the NCAA Tournament and then issued this warning:

“The Wildcats are hiding right in front of America.”

Check out his entire column here:


  1. For UK, I think getting to the Final Four will all depend on seeding and pairings.
    We know Duke will get the easiest route and if they win the ACC Tournament, they could end up with a #1 seed. They shouldn’t, but stranger things have happened.
    We also know that Duke will be playing at least the first weekend in NC.
    Kansas and Baylor look awfully good.

  2. He’s right, it plays out this way almost every year, since ESPN’s “talking heads” adhere to the ACC money line and only recognize Kentucky when it becomes so obvious they need to save face. The money driven BIG DANCE has become so scripted that it’s simply a gambler’s crap shoot-fool’s gold at best. Level playing field, my arse!

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