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Keion Brooks Jr.: “We’re clicking on all cylinders right now.”

Keion Brooks Jr. (Vicky Graff Photo)


Kentucky freshman Keion Brooks Jr. will be playing at LSU for the first time tonight but Monday made it sound like he was looking forward to the challenge.

“It’s fun just going out on the road and knowing it’s going to be a crowd that’s against you. We’re just going in knowing that we have to rely on each other,” Brooks said. “We’re not going to have a crowd like we have at Rupp to pick us up if we’re not playing really well.

“We just know we have to go in and listen to the coaching staff and just rely on each other to get it done.”

A Kentucky win could be a knockout punch for LSU’s SEC title hopes. The Tigers are tied with Auburn one game behind UK. A Kentucky win would put the Cats up two games over LSU with only five to play.

“You could think of it that way, of we can go out there and knock them out, or they could come out and play incredible. They’re a good team and I don’t think they’re going to play bad forever,” Brooks said. “There’s going to be a time where they eventually turn it back around, so we gotta go in and just continue to focus on us, execute our game plan and just try to execute what the coaches draw up for us and do everything we can to get the W.”

Brooks senses the team is getting better in every area.

“You can just tell by how we fly around on the floor it’s starting to come more instinctual. Not thinking as much, especially on defense. We’re paying (attention) to the scouting report, personnel, what players like to do and trying to take away their strength, then force them to do things they’re not as good at,” Brooks said.

“You can just kind of tell we’re clicking on all cylinders right now. Then on offense, we’re playing without thinking as well. The ball’s finding the open man, creating open shots for each other and then once we create those open shots, we have the ability to knock them down.”


  1. They may be hitting on all cylinders, but the engine is a 4 cylinder power plant for a YUGO

  2. I know Keion is trying to be positive going into tonight’s game, but we are far from clicking on all cyclinders. Individual aspirations must give way to team first principles. Post Nick on the low block and make the pass. All to often we look at Nick calling for the ball and simply go the other way. Coach, this has to stop.

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