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Michigan State experience could make Vince Marrow even better UK recruiter

Vince Marrow (Vicky Graff Photo)


It was interesting last week to hear Kentucky recruiting coordinator Vince Marrow explain how he felt like a recruit trying to decide between two big-time schools before deciding to stay at UK with Mark Stoops rather than joining new coach Mel Tucker at Michigan State.

“I can’t put it no other way, it was very hard. He (Tucker) really wanted me, and they really made an effort, so it was hard. Like I said, the last three days, yes I got a raise, but I wouldn’t wish that situation on anyone, especially when it is two friends,” Marrow said Saturday one day after he made his choice to stay at UK.

“Now I know how recruits feel when they’re down to two schools and one day it’s this school and the next day it’s this school. Anything can trigger. But, I just have to say, the eight years I’ve spent here, they’ve really invested in me and it really meant something. That really played a big part. And, our administration. I’m not just throwing that out. This is a really great administration to work for.”

He’s back working for that “great administration” along with Stoops preparing for spring practice and recruiting. He’s not been overly active on Twitter in recent days as he did a video promoting season ticket sales and then dropped this line Wednesday night, “Get them dice rolling BBN.” That’s his way of predicting a recruiting commitment and a few minutes later UK had one for 3-star Ohio offensive lineman Paul Rodriguez.

Marrow admitted what he went through with Michigan State might make him an even better recruiter.

” I’m going to be seeing those guys (from Michigan State)  in a couple months in spring recruitment. We all know that it’s no secret. We are going to battle, we all go to Ohio,” Marrow said. “It’s a thing where I think most kids will see, I have been here for eight years now, and there’s been a lot of opportunities now to go other places.

“I really like what we have built here. Like I said, it was tough. If it were any other coach, it might’ve been easier, but that one was tough.”

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