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Neal Brown named Sexiest Man in West Virginia

West Virginia coach Neal Brown with signee Reese Smith. Brown has just been picked as the Sexiest Man in West Virginia.


During his high school, college and professional football playing career there were a lot of words I used to describe Boyle County’s Neal Brown.

Same with rise through the coaching ranks from a graduate assistant to offensive coordinator at Kentucky to head coach at Troy.

However, one word I never remember using to describe Brown was “sexiest.” Yet that’s just what “The Voice of West Virginia” used this week when it picked Brown as the 2020 Sexiest Man in West Virginia.

Yes, Touchdown Neal Brown of Boyle County is the new Sexiest Man in West Virginia. Just think what honors might be coming when he has a winning record as his first team finished 5-7 in 2019.

Brown received 91 percent of the first place votes according to writer Brad Smith, who also checked with People Magazine on what characteristics the magazine used to pick its “Sexiest Man Alive” each year. Here’s what he was told:

“Sexy certainly has to do with someone being good-looking, and has to do with a certain kind of romantic, flirtatiousness physical appeal that may be beyond just academic appreciation of the way they look. We want some mystery in our sexiness.”

My oh my. Apparently I just have never seen the “flirtatiousness” from Brown that Smith and his voters did.

“Neal Brown certainly oozes the mystery and good looks that made him an obvious, almost unanimous choice for our voting panel,” Smith wrote in his story.

Brown’s dad, Tom Brown, said the family was a little surprised by this honor and Brown’s sister, Beth, wondered who the competition must have been if her brother won.

Well, it was not a high bar for Neal Brown to climb. The 2019 winner was West Virginia basketball coach Bob Huggins — who was second in the 2020 voting.

Still, it’s quite a resume-builder for the former Boyle and UK receiver. I even asked his dad if there was a bonus clause in his West Virginia contract — after all coaches get all kind of extra incentives now — for winning this award.

“Not that I know of,” Tom Brown said. “I don’t think winning Sexiest Man in West Virginia is something Neal probably ever thought about because I know I sure wouldn’t have.”

Me either but I guess now I have to think about the West Virginia coach in a whole new way.

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