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Playing with injuries just part of basketball for Ashton Hagans

Ashton Hagans (Vicky Graff Photo)


Ashton Hagans admits his thigh bruise has bothered him more than he let on last week.

“It was actually hurting. I woke up, just had a knot. Just coming with (trainer) Geoff (Staton), he was getting me right,” Hagans said. “But you know, it was bruised. Treatment got it better and I kept working on it, but it was hurting.”

But that has not been his only injury. The sophomore point guard says both shoulders, ankle and back have also bothered him this season.

“It happens with the game of basketball,” Hagans said Friday before practice for today’s game against Auburn.

Hagans said coach John Calipari talks about toughness all the time and he understands why.

“We just gotta go out there, play aggressive, fight and just stick together. They’re going to come out there, it’s going to be a dogfight and we just gotta bring that energy back.”

Calipari admitted last week that might have taken a risk playing Hagans at LSU with his bruised thigh but Hagans has shown the ability to play through pain.

What if Calipari did ask him to sit out a game?

“We’re trying to win. We’re trying to do something special. So, if that’s what it takes, then I will do it,” Hagans said. “I’m a big part of this team. Immanuel (Quickley), Nick (Richards), EJ (Montgomery), either one of us, I believe if they were told that they would do the same. We’re trying to something real good.”

Hagans agreed he could probably use a break before NCAA play but would not want one.

“I would always want to be out there on the court to try to keep winning, try to keep doing something good, try to keep this thing on a roll,” Hagans said.

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