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Tyrese Maxey: “I’d rather just win”

Tyrese Maxey, right, celebrated Saturday’s win over Florida. (Vicky Graff Photo)


During Kentukcy’s win over Florida on Saturday freshman Tyrese Maxey flirted with a triple double before finishign with 13 points, seven rebounds and seven assists after failing to get a rebound or assist the final seven minutes.

Teammate Immanuel Quickley had a career-high 26 points against the Gators — the same total Maxey had in UK’s opening game win over Michigan State.

So would Maxey rather have a personal scoring high or a stat-stuffing game like he did Saturday?

“I’d rather just win! I’m willing to do whatever my team needs and that’s what I tried to do today,” Maxey said after the win. ” Of course, Ashton (Hagans) wasn’t able to start because of his leg and he told me to just do what I do and he had faith in me.

“So I took on the role of being a lead guard, trying to get our guys involved early like getting EJ (Montgomery) and Keion (Brooks) some shots. I’m glad we won. Win by one, win by 20, I love it.”

Kentucky coach John Calipari said Maxey’s numbers against Florida are what he’s capable of doing much  more often.

“He should be a triple double because if he makes easy passes you’re not going to turn it over, and they’re assists because these guys can play,” Calipari said. “The second thing is I’ve seen him rebound and do that stuff. Now go get it.

“You know, he’s doing it. And making those two free throws (at the end of the game), folks, that’s first time this year he’s done that. Listen, he’s either missed or gone one of two; he’s not made two. Believe me, I’m watching every game.

 He made them this game. Big step for him.”

Why? Hasn’t Maxey been good in the clutch a lot this season?

“Demonstrated performance is what builds your confidence, not me saying you’re the greatest or what are you doing?” Calipari said. “It doesn’t matter if you build your own confidence and you have through hard work, through the grind, and then you get on the court and you perform.

“Demonstrated performance.”



  1. People can say and write what they want to, but nobody on this UK team works harder than Maxey IMO. The kid never hangs his head or pouts, even when Coach is giving him an ear full. He is all smiles and just goes to work. UK is much better when he is on the floor. He is a heck of a player.

  2. Tyrese is a heck of a player, but with us taking an average of 57 shots a game, there aren’t enough shots to keep everyone happy. Right now, Nick and Immanuel should be taking 30 to 35 shots between them. They have earned that with their play, but Nick consistently gets about 8 shots a game. Nick and Immanuel are the horses that can take us to a regular season title, and SEC tourney title, and a trip to the Final 4. Everyone else has a support role. They can still be part of the big 3 or sometimes the big 4 in any given game, but not in every game. This should have been resolved before now. Not having defined roles or accepting those roles will most likely end in bitter disappointment. Come on Coach, get these guys on the right track while there is still time. That’s why you get paid the big bucks!

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