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Valentine’s Day humor from John Calipari

John Calipari may have been upset here but he seems a lot happier with his team based on his Valentine’s Day mood. (Vicky Graff Photo)


At the end of his media opportunity on Friday, Kentucky coach John Calipari got asked an interesting question by John Huang of about why he went back to the suit-and-tie look during games after dressing a little more casually on game day earlier in the season.

“I can’t remember,” Calipari said.

Obviously you knew more was coming.

“I think my wife told me she liked the open-collar look, so I said, ‘Really?’ So then I started wearing a tie. Happy Thanksgiving. No!” Calipari said while media members laughed.

“What is it? What is this? Merry Christmas? What are we in?”

That prompted more laughter from the media and Huang telling him it was actually Valentine’s Day.

” Oh, happy Vanlentine’s Day, Ellen!” the coach said.

What does this mean? One, that Calipari is very secure with his marriage. Two, the coach is back to feeling really swaggy about the Cats and that’s good news for BBN no matter whether it is Thanksgiving, Christmas or Valentine’s Day.

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