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Kudos to Harrodsburg Health and Rehabilitation Center for supporting local business, and looking out for its own employees

Not only did the staff at Harrodsburg Health and Rehabilitation Center support Melton’s Deli today, but the staff hopes to do something like this every day for local restaurants. The facility is also providing child care for employees. (Christy Vaught Photo)


With all the doom and gloom in our country right now, this old guy needs some things to make him feel better.

I appreciate the daily coronavirus updates we are getting on the national, state and even local level today, but I have decided I want to also share good news — even if it might not be sports related.

Today Harrodsburg Health and Rehabilitation Center administrator Jodi Johnson provided that inspiration for me.

“The staff at Harrodsburg Health and Rehabilitation Center are happy to support local small businesses during this difficult time!  We are committed to keeping our local economy going and helping any neighbor that we can,” Johnson said after I found out her employees had ordered lunch from Melton’s Deli in Danville, a small business that is one of my website sponsors and a place I go frequently.

But not only that, the staff hopes to be able to order out from various local restaurants every day for lunch to help those being severely impacted business-wise now.

However, there’s more. With schools out for three weeks — and I still suspect maybe for a lot longer than that — what do workers with school age children do? Johnson has helped take care of that for her employees who are needed on site to care for those patients at the facility.

“We have assured our hardworking staff that they do not need to worry about childcare with school closures and possible day care closures.  We have resources available to provide free child care to all staff in need,” Johnson said.

“We understand the pressure on the healthcare systems at this time and want to lessen the burden on our staff as much as possible so they can continue to provide excellent care for our residents.”

Let’s all say amen together. This is exactly the kind of patriotic duty that Gov. Steve Beshear has called for during this unique time.

Nothing but smiles today at Melton’s Deli in Danville because customers continued to support the deli with pickup and delivery orders. (Larry Vaught Photo)

I’m glad today I could even find a small way to help by being the delivery driver. I took the order from Melton’s Deli (955 Ben Ali Drive) to Harrodsburg to not only help owner Nathan Schepman but to show the staff at Harrodsburg Health and Rehabilitation Center I appreciated what they were doing for local businesses.

They made a generous tip which went into the tip jar at Melton’s for the staff to share. Hopefully many others will continue to call 800-859-0980 to place an order for the drive through or text orders to 859-585-3354. You can also still walk in to place an order to take with you or use the drive-through to order when you arrive.

Normally the deli is open to 4 p.m. but may remain open longer if needed on certain days. Just call and ask and help remember our area’s small business owners like Harrodsburg Health and Rehabilitation Center did today.

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