Almost certain NBA draft date will be moved back

Tyrese Maxey may have to wait to get drafted because it seems likely the NBA Draft will be moved back.  (Jeff Houchin Photo)


Maybe the NFL won’t postpone its draft but apparently the NBA will — and should do.

ESPN NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski — who always seems to have great inside information — said on “SportsCenter” this morning that there are obvious reasons the draft likely cannot be held on June 25th as now scheduled.

“The challenge with that draft date is that it could be during the resumption of the season, and you can’t have a draft really while the season is going on, because you won’t be able to make trades during the draft. The draft and free agency have always been connected.

“For the league, the most likely scenario is that if the season is pushed back, then the draft and free agency have to move to the back end of it. But the league hasn’t gotten there yet on a decision.”

The NBA Draft Combine is scheduled for May 21-24 but who knows if that will be held and Kentucky coach John Calipari was already lobbying last week for the NCAA to give college players more time and flexibility to make draft decisions without burning their collegiate eligibility, especially since the NBA has a lot more to worry about now than when the draft will be.

“They’ve been most focused on what it would look like if the NBA was able to come back, how much money this entire crisis has cost them,” Wojnarowski said this morning. “They still have had time to push back their discussions and decisions on how to handle that June 25 draft.”

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