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Arkansas coach Eric Musselman says John Calipari “greatest thing” for SEC

John Calipari (Jeff Houchin Photo)


Arkansas coach Eric Musselman had an up and down first year coaching in the Southeastern Conference after a successful run at Nevada where he found out what it was like to have “the biggest crowd every night and have a target on your back” as the team to beat every game.

Musselman finished his first SEC season as an obvious fan of Kentucky coach John Calipari based on what he told Evan Daniels, 247Sports director of basketball recruiting, in a recent interview.

“I watch a lot of press conferences and some coaches just don’t get it. It’s embarrassing some of them not being able to give credit to other coaches and what Calipari does, to me he is the greatest thing for our league,” Musselman said.

Calipari never misses a chance to tout the SEC. He brags on the level of coaching and athleticism/talent of the players.

“He finds a way to compliment every opposing team and every coach,” Musselman said. “It’s an incredible characteristic that does nothing but enhance the college game. Whether he is playing a game in conference or out of conference, he just gets it and he’s trying to do what’s best for the college game and the coaching profession.”

Musselman is not one to mince words, one reason he might get along well with Calipari.

“There are other people that have zero feel for what that looks like and they should study what he does,” Musselman said about Calipari’s approach and praise for others.


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  1. That is great! Make Cal SEC commissioner and hire a coach who can keep players more than one or two years. I miss senior day and teams from the old days. Let the one and done’s go directly to the league. Get college ball back to what it used to be and coaches salaries as well.

  2. Ben27 I hate to burst your bubble the old days are gone. I don’t like the one and done either but I have adjust and move on. It is what it is and hopefully we will get over this virus deal and get our normal life back.

  3. There is no guarantee that there will be a 20/21 season. The 21/22 season will bring an end to the OAD. The “talented” kids will go straight to the pro’s, well the G league, and the rest will have to be coached up. I think Coach will find another opportunity in the NBA by then.

    1. OK Catmandoo1000, or is it Mike? LOL’s. I doubt it 33.

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