Beau Allen’s plan was to master the playbook this spring

Kentucky freshman quarterback  Beau Allen with Louisville Quarterback Club president Gordon Crawford and Lexington Catholic coach Nigel Smith. (Larry Vaught Photo)


Freshman quarterback Beau Allen had a simple goal for what he wanted to get done in spring practice.

“I am going to master the playbook and work to get the best I can be mentally and physically,” the former Lexington Catholic quarterback said before the Southeastern Conference last week cancelled on sports activities  until at least April 15. “They teach the playbook in a great way here. I have also gone over a lot of things by myself. I am not going to teach myself anything, but there is a lot of stuff to it and the more you go over it the quicker you learn it.”

Even before spring practice started Allen learned the obvious lesson almost every college player does.

“The speed is the biggest difference and how fast everything goes every play,” he said.

He liked the bond in the quarterback room with coach Darin Hinshaw

“It has been great to get to know those guys and learn about them and their families and where they came from. I love all those guys very much,” he said.

Allen enjoyed watching last season when UK turned to receiver Lynn Bowden to play quarterback and the Cats ran all over teams.

“We had one of the best players ever here to start playing quarterback and we didn’t struggle too much with how well he ran the ball,” Allen said. “It was great to watch them play and see Lynn do his thing every game running the ball.

“I would not say it was weird (for UK to not throw the ball) because of how well we did run the ball. It was fun to see us win how we did a lot of those games but I think this season we will throw quite a bit more with the guys we have.”

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