Dale Brown doing what he preaches, finding ways to help others

Helping others is something that makes former LSU coach Dale Brown happy.


I wasn’t quite sure what to expect Sunday afternoon when I got a phone call from former LSU coach Dale Brown. Ninety minutes later I had been mesmerized by him like I have been for the last 40 years when I have had a chance to talk to him.

Brown is now 84 years old — but doesn’t act it.

He’s not slowed down a bit. He still wonders why the NCAA cannot be more compassionate with student-athletes. He still admires the Kentucky basketball program. He still tries to find ways to help others — and that certainly has not stopped the coronavirus outbreak.

“I have been blessed so I am trying to do more of what I preach,” Brown said. “I have a man working for me, helping me do various things.”

However, he also uses his worker to help others.

“If anybody needs groceries or anything else, I have him go pick it up and I pay for it,” Brown said. “It’s a small way to help others who need help. And it doesn’t have to be groceries. If somebody needs something, especially now, I want to be able to help.

“It’s important right now for us all to care about each other. It’s always important, but now it’s even more important. I am pain free. I am financially able to help. I’ve always been accused of thinking with my heart, not my head. That’s right, too, but this time the head and heart just say the same thing.”

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