Freshman receiver Kalil Branham can bake, play violin, taught himself to play piano

Kalil Branham (Larry Vaught Photo)


Kentucky freshman receiver Kahlil Branham of Ohio is a a talented player he has some other unique talents off the field.

He loves to bake, something he started doing with his mom when he was about 3 years old.

“Then I just took it on by myself. It’s just something I always enjoyed,” Branham said while noting that brownies are his speciality.

He’s also incredibly smart. He taught himself to play the piano, something very few people could ever do, about four years ago.

“Playing by ear takes a lot of repetition. Hearing the song and playing and hearing and playing. It does take a while to learn and teach yourself. It’s a talent. I don’t know if everybody has it or not,” he said.

He started playing the violin at age 8 or 9 along with the saxophone. He gave up the violin at age 13.

“My mom was in the (church) choir when she was younger and she sings. She played in the marching band when she was in high school. She played the flute, so music is kind of in our family,” Branham said.

But so is football. His brother, John, is a running back at Eastern Michigan — the team Kentucky opens the season against Sept. 5 at Kroger Field. The UK freshman said going against his brother, who is two years old, always pushed him to improve.

“We pushed each other every day to get better. Didn’t matter what we were doing, we pushed each other but also had a love for each other that motivated us,” Kalil Branham said.

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