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Immanuel Quickley: Ashton Hagans will be “rejuvenated, revamped”

Ashton Hagans (Vicky Graff Photo)


What’s going on with Ashton Hagans?

There really has not been a significant update since Hagans did not travel with the team to Florida. Coach John Calipari said it was for “personal reasons” but the timing seemed odd since Hagans got into it with both teammate Nick Richards and Calipari during UK’s collapse against Tennessee. Some speculated Hagans may have been suspended but even Monday on the SEC coaches teleconference Calipari said he had not talked to Hagans since getting back from Florida.

Calipari did indicate after the Florida game and did on Monday that he thought Hagans would be back and be fine.

So what’s going on with Hagans?

“He’s in good spirits. We weren’t too worried about Ashton,” sophomore teammate Immanuel Quickley said Tuesday. “He just needed that little break and I think he’ll be rejuvenated, revived for this tournament coming up.”

Rejuvenated and revived are words Kentucky fans should be really happy to hear because when Hagans is at his best, Kentucky is a much better team.

Yet Kentucky did win without him at Florida when it came from 18 points down with 12 minutes to play.

“We won without me too,” Quickley said because he fouled out with just over nine minutes to play. “I think it’s really good for this team, to know that we can without him and without me down the stretch.

“I think we were down like 18 in the second half, so for us to win that game, that’s just really huge.”

Just like it would be huge for Hagans to come back refreshed and ready to play defense and lead the team on offense like he can.

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