It’s More Than Basketball … It’s Pickled Bologna

Tina Cox with her Nanny.

By TINA COX, Contributing Writer

I can remember years past rushing home a day early from the SEC Tournament to celebrate Nanny’s birthday on March 15th.  There have also been years our family would celebrate a few days early or late because I would be traveling for the first round of the NCAA tournament.  However, we would always celebrate.

We always let Nanny pick where the celebration would take place.  The number one choice the past few years as been Cracker Barrell.  According to her, “they have the best fried shrimp.”  Last year we had Lees Famous Recipe (another one of her favorites) and gathered at my house.

In June, Nanny’s health was declining and the decision to put her in a a health care facility was made.  The transition has not been easy on her but as time has passed she has adjusted well.

I make the trip two or three days a week to visit with her.  During each visit she gives me a list of what she would like me to bring the next time.  This list can range from pickled bologna, Burkes Bakery cream horns to Sonic onion rings and a hamburger with tomato and onion.

There are days when I am just tired and I will admit it is tough to make the trip.  However I know she is expecting me. She marks the calendar beside her bed to know which days I am visiting.

She is turning 94 this year.  I cannot bring her pickled bologna or Cheetos.  I can’t see her at all.  Due to her lack of hearing I cannot call her.  She will be alone today and that thought breaks my heart.

Hopefully within the next few weeks or months my list will be on my phone and I will be heading down Highway 27 delivering her requests.

Until then prayers for our elderly that we as a society will do what we can to protect them from this deadly virus.

Do I miss basketball? Like every UK fan I feel like I need to wake up from this bad dream.  Somehow though I miss pickled bologna more.

Happy 94th Birthday Nanny !!  Love you !!

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